Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Summer must be nearly here

I debuted my summer legs today. When I was in my house they looked okay, their usual stumpy-tree-trunk-like selves (which used to cause me a lot of self-consciousness and insecurity, but thanks to the power of leggings and body-positive campaigns I've got over this) sticking out from underneath my very cute grey woollen skirt. When I went into the sun, I remembered that they, much like vampires (real ones, not sparkly ones) have not seen the sun since I was about eight.

I could stand at the roadside of an evening and use them as reflective posts (considered making a pun about this being a reflective post about reflective posts, reconsidered and moved on).

I think I blinded several small furry animals on my way to the bus stop.

But maybe this summer, having more confidence in my legs, I will allow them a little more sun so I can tan a little of the Welsh-ness out of them.

Let summer come so that we pasty anglo-europeans can enjoy the ritual of trying to tan, looking like a lobster from the sunburn and then fading to a slightly more tanned version of the norm.

Oh for a drop of melanin!

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