The Book List

An exercise in futility. I figure that if I keep adding to the list of books to read before I die, I will live forever.

Italicised titles are ones I've read.


Everything is Illuminated/Jonathan Safran-Foer
Falling Man/Don DeLillo
Shades of Grey/Jasper Fforde
The Beautiful and Damned/F. Scott Fitzgerald
House of Leaves/Mark Danielewski
A Place of Greater Safety/Hilary Mantel
I Married a Communist/Philip Roth
Day After Night/Anita Diamant
Half of a Yellow Sun/Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Alias Grace/Margaret Atwood
Briefing for the Descent into Hell/Doris Lessig
Remains of the Day/Kazuo Ishiguro
The Bean Trees/Barbara Kingsolver
The Namesake/Jhumpa Lahiri
Small Island/Andrea Levy
White Teeth/Zadie Smith
Brick Lane/Monica Ali
Plugged/Eoin Colfer
Stories/Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantino
The Final Testament of the Holy Bible/James Frey
Point Omega/Don DeLillo

Graphic Novels

Howl: The Graphic Novel/Allen Ginsberg and Eric Drooker
V for Vendetta/Alan Moore and David Lloyd


Women of the Revolution: Forty Years of Feminism
America’s Women/Gail Collins
Cunt/Inga Muscio
Fat is a Feminist Issue/Susie Orbach
Why Women Should Rule the World/Dee Dee Meyers
The Means of Reproduction/Michelle Goldberg
The Beauty Myth/Naomi Wolf
Bananas, Beaches and Bases/Cynthia Enloe


The King’s Cardinal/Peter Gwyn
Nightmare: The Underside of the Nixon Years/J. Anthony Lukas
Shakespeare/Bill Bryson
Crown and Country/David Starkey
GCHQ/Richard Aldrich


Third World America/Ariana Huffington
Same Sex, Different Politics/Gary Mucciaroni
Gaza: Morality, Law and Politics/Raimond Gaita
Race of a Lifetime/John Hellerman and Mark Halpern
Globalization and its Discontents/Joseph Stiglitz
Sex, Lies and Pharmaceuticals/Ray Moynihan
One State, Two States/Benny Morris
Orientalism/Edward Said
Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies/Gregg Jackson (see here for an explanation)
Manufacturing Consent/edward S Herman and Noam Chomsky


Agatha Christie’s Secret Notebooks/John Curran
Shakespeare’s Philosophy/Colin McGinn
Talking About Detective Fiction/P.D. James


Bossypants/Tina Fey
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings/Maya Angelou