Saturday, October 9, 2010

really good day

Today was epic.

Len Brown won - thank fuck for that. Can you imagine another three years of John Banks?! So happy for Len and the team - great work everyone who helped out sign-waving, leafleting door-knocking, phone-canvassing and all that jazz.

You guys rock my world. I wish I'd been able to help out (mad crazy busy world).

The weird thing is that I dreamed Len would win. Months ago, before the election really started. It was weird, I went into work and (it was dead quiet, I had loads of time to think) and suddenly it occurred to me that the election hadn't happened yet, so why was I so certain that Len had won? I don't usually remember my dreams, so it was a weird sort of feeling.

I had this clear memory of someone saying to me 'Len Brown's won!' and me being happy.

What's really weird is that I also dreamed that the number of votes he won by had a six in it somewhere.

He won by 60,000 votes.


I may have inherited this weird Welsh thing from my mum, she has dreamed many many weird things before they happened. Crazy Celtic shit.


Also, I went to see Gin Wigmore tonight and it was incredible!! She is so fabulous, her voice is amazing and that band is really really very good.

Go and see her - the Grave Train Tour - so worth it. BEST concert I have ever been to (and I've been to see both Dylan and Clapton)

Also I bought a really very nice bag. I like bags.


  1. Bag? WHat kind? What colour? Is it a Uni bag or a every-day-non-Uni Bag?

    Yaaaaay for Len!! I kind of just assumed he would win, but I think that was just me not being willing to acknowledge that there was a chance we'd have John Banks again. Not. Happening.

    I hate to be the voice of reason here, but maybe your dream and the number of votes therein was a complete coincidence and not indicative of any psychic powers what so ever? Maybe.

  2. Shut up. I am a psychic. Or a psycho. One of the two anyway.

    REALLY nice black bag, too small for uni (unless I carry my laptop, which I might tomorrow so I can show off said new bag).

    60,000 votes. That's how much Banks sucked.