Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This thing I did in class - Political Parties as beverages.

We were doing this thing in class, matching political parties to cars. But that's boring, so I tried to come up with a few drinks which sum up New Zealand Political parties.

National: A martini - expensive and hard to swallow. 

Labour: Tui - it's beer, it's working class, it's not that great, but we can't afford a better one just at the moment. 

Greens: spirulina. Made from organic ingredients of course. 

Act: very sweet sherry in a dusty decanter - old fashioned and no one likes it. 

Maori Party: the olive in National's martini, but they're hoping to make it to the snack platter. 

NZ First isn't on the menu. 

United Future doesn't drink.

Progressives'll have what Labour's having. 


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