Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Muslim Barbies: Weird or Cool?

Here they are:

I'm conflicted: I half think 'sure! Little Muslim girls probably like dolls and it must be nice to have one which isn't dressed like a pole-dancer and maybe resembles them and their family.' Then I think 'Gross! Mattel is exporting commercialised conceptions of beauty (which are sick and wrong to begin with) all around the globe. Now that we've brainwashed the western world's girls that they have to look like barbie in order to matter, we can start on the rest of the world. Also - I'm pretty sure most Muslims aren't white. These dolls look like your average pasty european fresh from the tanning bed.

I think I'm settling on weird actually.


  1. I think it's great that they are creating dolls and clothes for other customs. Muslims come in all colors, so I agree they should have them in different colors. This is a start. I'll have to ask some muslim friends their opinion.

  2. they're not actually from mattel.