Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Am A Bad Blogger

It's true. I confess. I've started like five blogs in the last year or so and I'm useless at keeping them up. But, I refuse to give this one up, mostly 'cause I like the name. Also it's nice to have an outlet for stupid customer stories. 

I've been writing lots of policy related stuff at the moment and getting all Sam Seaborn-ish and dramatic, and I don't want to waste it, so I'm posting it here:

I want to see women in New Zealand achieve a greater level of control over their health and a recognition that health is not simply a physical and mental concept, but a societal one. I want to see the work which women do - paid and unpaid - to be valued equally to that of men. I want to see that women are able to make the most of the education system at primary, secondary and tertiary levels and beyond. I want to see that justice is available to all women in this country - not just in the court room and the House of Representatives, but in the community as well. And I want to see that women and their families do not have to struggle to get by, but can live their lives comfortably and meaningfully no matter what their economic situation. By empowering women in these ways, we can ensure a better future not just for women but for New Zealanders.

I've also been doing an assignment which involves lots of youtube videos of 50s-era advertisements, so I'll share my favourite one with you here.

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