Friday, May 7, 2010

UK election

UK election 2010=crazy. It's been a nuts day, started watching coverage when it started at 10pm BST (9am NZ) and it's now 9am BST. It's been 11 hours and we're still 43 seats away from knowing the final results. Even then, seats which had problems with ballot papers and queues will most likely be challenged by whoever loses and if no one manages to secure a coalition majority then  there'll be another election.

This is a political nerd's dream *shifty eyes*.

HIgh points: BNP has won nothing. NOTHING. Take that you neo-nazi fascist morons. Also Scotland is still a Labour stronghold and Wales hasn't let me down too much. Jack Straw's rosette was probably my highlight of the day. Unfortunately there aren't any pics yet :(

Lowlights: Jacqui Smith has been voted out, no doubt due to her embroilment in the recent expenses scandals (in which a claim was made for some porn her husband watched. Big no no really). Hundreds of people were turned away from polling places and loads of absentee ballots arrived in the UK too late to be counted, because of the ash cloud from the notoriously unpronounceable Icelandic volcano, which I'd spell here but I can't be assed.

As I sign out, the Conservatives are at 289, Labour's at 245 and the Lib Dems have 51. Other parties have 27 and there are 38 seats to go.


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