Thursday, February 11, 2010

Back to School Madness

Okay, so really it's not madness. It's not even slightly crazy. Back to School this year has been pretty slow considering. BUT there's still the matter of LARGE numbers of school children in a shop. Now I may be prematurely middle aged (if so, I imagine myself like Diana from Waiting for God, a really smart, tough, scary, evil old woman sitting and watching the idiocy around her. Good times), but they yell at each other from two or three feet away. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM!!?? 

And what is with the insistence that they wear absolutely no pants? Suddenly leggings are appropriate attire for a public mall. I also feel like I should explain a sort of togs/undies threshold for the short shorts. And skirts that are actually badly disguised belts. Add to that the obsession with having the names of vapid male 'superhotties' embroidered on their clothes and you've got a nightmare my friends. 

And boy are some of them rude!! I ask how their day is and nothing. Blank stares. Inside their heads: "OMG. She's a person. And she wants to, like, talk. What do I do??" 

Okay, take a breath. I am a sad old git. 

But at least I'm a sad old git with standards. 

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