Friday, May 20, 2011


SHOCKED to learn there is gambling going on in this establishment.

Very few people will get that joke.

Anyway, I am yet again apologising for being a bad blogger. I'm actually an excellent blogger, just not here. Mostly here and here.


Yes, tumblr has seduced me, with her shiny surfaces, random hipsters and gif parties. So many snippets of wider debates and screencaps created by various fandoms. SO ADDICTIVE.

What with uni, two jobs and a social life (HA!), I have been finding it difficult to keep this blog going. But I MUST NOT give up. This was my first blog and I would be loath to lose it. So I shall persevere.

It might change a little, as I seldom feel the need to vent my customer-based frustrations anymore. Maybe I'm growing up, or maybe I'm getting a thicker skin or something.

I am, however, planning to do some serious reading after exams are over, so I imagine this will become a record of my literary adventures.

In fact, for your internetting-pleasure (internet can be a verb, right?), here is a list of the books I plan to read, crossposted from my tumblr.


I have now made a list, similar to this one of all some of the books which I have but have not read, which I plan to read during my 8-month-long hiatus from university. It has 34 books on it.

These are just a selection of what I guess is probably about 200 books which I have but have not read. It could be more than that, I’m just guessing.

I have a problem. I think bibliophilia might be a real thing and I may have it.

So here they are, my July 2011-March 2012 challenge, organised by genre.


Everything is Illuminated/Jonathan Safran-Foer
Falling Man/Don DeLillo
Shades of Grey/Jasper Fforde
The Beautiful and Damned/F. Scott Fitzgerald
House of Leaves/Mark Danielewski
A Place of Greater Safety/Hilary Mantel
I Married a Communist/Philip Roth
Day After Night/Anita Diamant

Graphic Novels

Howl: The Graphic Novel/Allen Ginsberg and Eric Drooker
V for Vendetta/Alan Moore and David Lloyd


Women of the Revolution: Forty Years of Feminism
America’s Women/Gail Collins
Cunt/Inga Muscio
Fat is a Feminist Issue/Susie Orbach
Why Women Should Rule the World/Dee Dee Meyers
The Means of Reproduction/Michelle Goldberg
The Beauty Myth/Naomi Wolf
Bananas, Beaches and Bases/Cynthia Enloe


The King’s Cardinal/Peter Gwyn
Nightmare: The Underside of the Nixon Years/J. Anthony Lukas
Shakespeare/Bill Bryson
Crown and Country/David Starkey


Third World America/Ariana Huffington
Same Sex, Different Politics/Gary Mucciaroni
Gaza: Morality, Law and Politics/Raimond Gaita
Race of a Lifetime/John Hellerman and Mark Halpern
Globalization and its Discontents/Joseph Stiglitz
Sex, Lies and Pharmaceuticals/Ray Moynihan
One State, Two States/Benny Morris
Orientalism/Edward Said
Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies/Gregg Jackson (see here for an explanation)


Agatha Christie’s Secret Notebooks/John Curran
Shakespeare’s Philosophy/Colin McGinn
Talking About Detective Fiction/P.D. James

Think I can get through these in 8 months?

Let’s see, shall we?

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